Фэн-Проект - Wildcats

Ночь. Дайри. Пикспам.

~ Paul Milligan

Описание фэн-комикса:

«Welcome to Wildcat's - the most dangerous dive in the DCU. In the newly combined DC/Wildstorm universe semi-retired superhero Wildcat (a.k.a. Ted Grant) opens a "superheroes only" bar called Wildcat's. This new bar is built on the same location where the notorious Clark's Bar & Grille once stood before it was burned to the ground during a massive superhuman brawl. Working at the bar are Cole Cash (Grifter), Zannah (Zealot) and Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), all former members of the WildC.A.T.S. who now run a mercenary business and secret war against the reemerging Daemonite threat out of the backroom of the bar. In this new universe where the WildC.A.T.S. existed alongside the DC heroes, Zealot and Ted Grant met and fought together (and sometimes against each other) during WWII. In turn Ted Grant was once a mentor to a teenage Grifter and taught him and his younger brother Max to box.

In a back-up feature Grifter's brother Max Cash (Condition Red) is a private detective who will take on just about any case, no matter how bizarre, as long as the price is right. But the biggest case for Max, and the one that consumes his every non-billable hour, is finding out why he's not as dead as he used to be.»

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Mr. Fett
Killed by Fett ©
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